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how to increase your sex appeal

Men with high sex appeal will catch a woman’s interest instantly. Some men don’t have to put in any effort whatsoever to have women falling at their feet, take A-list celebrities for example. They don’t need pulling techniques to attract women because they have high sex appeal just from being famous.

Some men, although they aren’t quite at the same level as a celebrity, have more appeal than Joe Bloggs. Generally speaking, this is because they have an impressive job; doctor, lawyer, DJ or entrepreneur, which can catch the attention of the ladies and makes them instantly more attractive before any interaction has even taken place.


How do you increase your sex appeal?


Unfortunately, we don’t all have high flying jobs that make us instantly more interesting to women. However, there are some things you can do to increase your sex appeal without changing your career.


  • Get in with the right crowd


Whenever you go out to a club or a bar, you’re bound to see a man who is the centre of women’s attention. Get to know this guy and you will increase your sex appeal, as women who are drawn to him will also be drawn to others in his social circle. Women are more interested in men who are the centre of attention, particularly among other women, so they will be more attracted to you because you are part of a popular crowd.


  • Make sure your crowd includes attractive women


If you know any good looking women, make sure they are part of your social circle. Other women will take notice if you have a group of women around you, so try and get as many in your group of friends as possible. They could be “just friends”, girls you met in the queue for the club or even a sister or cousin that gets on really well with your mates. If you can have a laugh with them, they could even be your wing woman when you try to pull someone else.


  • Get laid


If the opportunity to get laid presents itself, take it. Not only will you appear more confident and relaxed, but women will love the challenge of getting a guy who has other options available to them. Make sure women know you can have your pick, but don’t be arrogant about it. Subtlety is key, otherwise you could end up on your own at the end of the night.


  • Know the right people


Get to know the people who run the popular bars or clubs and women will find you instantly attractive. They will be impressed if you know the right people when you go out as it gives you the edge over the average customer and makes you seem important. If you appear to have an elevated social status, you will automatically give your sex appeal a massive boost.


  • Be the guy everyone wants to know


You don’t have to rely on other people to increase your sex appeal. You can be that guy that everyone wants to have in their social circle. Be funny and entertaining, or just someone that can bring a crowd together, and you’ll find people invite you out because you make their night better. If you’re the popular guy in the group, women will be automatically drawn to you.


Why boost your sex appeal?


By using these tips to increase your sex appeal, you’ll improve your chances with women and make yourself much more attractive than your competition. You’ll gain interest from women before you’ve even opened a conversation with them, and if they are impressed from a distance, you’ll have less work to do when you do decide to seal the deal.

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