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How to be a great boyfriend

It’s all very well getting a girlfriend, but then what? What happens next? How do you maintain that relationship? Where do you learn how to be a great boyfriend? Well, these hints and tips should help.         You’ve Got a Girlfriend – Now What?   If you want to know how to […]

what to do on a first date

So, you’ve managed to get that hot girl to agree to go out with you. Now all you need to do is plan the date. The prospect of a first date is exciting but can also be daunting while you try to figure out the best options.   What To Do On A First Date…And […]

build dating confidence

Facing our fears is what men do best, right? I don’t know many men that admit to womenfolk that they are just as scared of spiders as them, or that they too feel a bit wobbly when they are at the top of a ladder. So why are dating fears so different? Men often allow […]

avoid the friendzone

“I think we should just be friends…” “I like you… as a friend…” “You’re my best friend, I can tell you anything. Speaking of which, I really like that guy over there…” Ouch. These are words no man ever wants to hear from the woman he wants a relationship with. These are words that he […]

a successful date

Okay, perhaps we should be a bit more specific. Of course, most women love to be wined and dined, and they wouldn’t say no if you asked them, but there’s so much more to a successful date than that – and we know the perfect way to ensure a women’s interest. Talk to her… No, […]

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