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how to get noticed by woman

You know there are those guys out there who never fail to be seen; no matter what they do, or where they go, they just know how to get noticed by women. Now you can be one of those guys because, despite what you may think, it’s really not that hard to rise above the crowd.



Stand Up, Be Counted, And Look Good Too


So, although we know – and boy, do we know! – all girls are different, there are some things that they all have in common. The first thing is that they all appreciate a well groomed gentleman, and that’s the first step in how to get noticed by women. Take a shower, shave (or trim that beard so it doesn’t look quite so unkempt), cut those nails, iron your clothes and apply some deodorant, maybe even some aftershave or cologne. Now you look better, smell good, and you take pride in your appearance, all of which is impressive.


Manners Maketh The Man


Never has a truer word been spoken. You can look as gorgeous as a Greek god, but if you’re burping, farting, and picking your nose throughout the evening then you’re not going to get any dates. Everyone does it, everyone knows everyone does it. But no one wants to see anyone doing it. Or hear them. Or smell them. It’s disgusting. That’s not how to get noticed by women. Or rather, it is, but in totally the wrong way.


Be polite too. If you look great, smell great, have lovely manners, but every time you open your mouth you come out with some expletive or insult, you’re not going to win any women over. Remember, no matter what they say, the majority of women are looking for someone they can be proud to show off to their friends and family and, when the time comes, they are looking for men who have the potential to be great fathers. Swearing and being rude does not come into it.


To Beard or Not To Beard?


We mentioned shaving or trimming the old beard earlier, and keeping a neat, clean face is certainly one way to get noticed by women. However, don’t let that take away from your uniqueness – if you want a beard, by all means have one, just make sure there’s no old bits of food stuck in it, and try to make it look fashionable rather than haphazard. The same goes for your hair. Keep it trimmed if it’s to be short, or grow it if it’s to be long, but either way keep it tidy. That’s how to get noticed by women.




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