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How to gain a womans trust

No matter what type of relationship you have with someone, whether it’s with a colleague, friend or girlfriend, trust is a fragile thing. It’s hard to gain but easy to break, so there is no quick fix or tricks for winning a woman over and getting her to trust that you are a good guy. That being said, there are some things that you can do to help it develop faster if you are serious about being with a girl and want your relationship to go further. Here are just a few of the things you can do to gain a woman’s trust.


Prove your worth

It sounds obvious but if you want her to trust you, don’t give her a reason not to. If you check out other women when you’re with her, lie about where you’ve been or tell your mates something she’s told you in confidence, there is no way that she will feel comfortable enough to put her trust in you. Actions speak louder than words, so show her she’s not making a mistake in trusting you by demonstrating you can be reliable and are worth her trust.

Be honest – with her and yourself

Putting on an act to try and gain a woman’s trust is never a good idea. If you’re trying too hard to be something you’re not, you’ll either come across as fake or uncomfortable in your own skin, so she’ll see it a mile away. Build her trust in you by being honest with yourself.
Being honest with her is just as important if you want to win her trust. Obviously lying outright is a big no-no, but you also need to tell her the truth about what you want from the relationship. Leading her to believe you are serious about a long term thing when you’re only looking for fling will destroy any trust she’s put in you. If you’re honest from the outset, she won’t have any reason not to trust what you say.

Patience is a virtue

Complete trust won’t be given away freely within the first few minutes of you meeting a girl. You’ll have to earn it, so be patient. If you try to pressure her in any way, whether it’s to trust you more or to be more intimate, it’ll backfire and you’ll end up back at square one. Instead let her develop trust in you at her own pace, then it’ll be much harder to break.
Open up
Trust is a two-way thing so, if you want to gain a woman’s trust, try opening up to her. Obviously you don’t need to spill all your deepest secrets as soon as you meet her, but if you can show her you’re open to confiding in her at a reasonable pace and being honest about your thoughts, feelings and intentions, she will be much more likely to trust you too.

And if you need to gain a woman’s trust back, sorry should not be the hardest word

If you have done something to break her trust, apologising should be the first thing you do. Be sincere and don’t try to make excuses or shift the blame. Give her your full attention – you can’t make a genuine apology while playing on your phone – and take full responsibility for your actions. Depending on the severity of your crime, you may need to be patient when waiting for her to forgive you, but if you are sincere in expressing how sorry you are and how much you regret what you’ve done, you should be able to win her trust back in time.

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