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Couple Dating And Flirting In A Restaurant

We’ve all been there. We’re in a bar, a club, a park (you get the idea) and there’s an attractive woman who seems interested. She might be interested. Is she interested? It’s so hard to work out. No one wants to be that guy who gets it wrong and moves when there is no reason to do so. Yet it could be any one of us who does it – we’re all asking the same question: is she flirting with me?


Thankfully, body language is on our side. Knowing a few little tricks can let us guys in on what’s really going on with that attractive woman, and finally we’ll be confident enough to make a move at exactly the right time. So what are these signs that she really is flirting? Take a look.


Her Voice Changes


This may be a difficult one to get the hang of right away, especially if you don’t know the girl in question and therefore don’t know what her usual voice might sound like, but if you need the answer to the ‘is she flirting with me?’ question, you’ll have to listen closely. A girl who is truly flirting will have a different speed and tone to her voice than usual. She will speak quicker, and her voice will get higher. This shows they are excited to be in your company if they’re talking at a faster rate and/or a higher pitch. And that’s flirting.


She Touches You


Okay, not all touches are flirtatious ones, but it’s a good start. If you want to know ‘is she flirting with me?’ there are some nuances to look out for. A firm slap on the back, for example, is not generally flirtatious. A gentle, almost hesitant touch on the shoulder, knee, or lower back… now that’s more than likely flirtatious. Placing her hand on your arm when you’re talking, playfully shoving whilst giggling… that’s even more flirting.


There’s a Lot Of Eye Contact


Think about this: when you’re having a general, standard, non-flirting conversation with someone, you and they will make eye contact, then look away, then there’s contact again. We do not, as a rule, keep eye contact for a long time, and we don’t tend to hold that eye contact intensely. Unless we’re flirting. It’s a subconscious thing, but it will mean you get the answer to ‘is she flirting with me?’ pretty quickly. We naturally hold eye contact longer with those we like. So take that into account.


She Has Crow’s Feet


Yes, it’s a weird one, and not one that many women would thank you for saying out loud, but if you spot crow’s feet when she is smiling at you, she’s probably flirting. There are, so they say, 18 different types of smile. One of these is the sincere enjoyment smile, and that is the one used when flirting. It’s also the one that creases right up into the eyes, causing crow’s feet. Ta-da! Is she flirting with me? Yes, she is!


She Mimics You


Now, we don’t mean that she starts doing an impression of you to show off her voice throwing abilities (although that would be pretty impressive); we mean that, if she is flirting with you, her body language will start to subconsciously mimic yours. That’s because we mimic the behaviours of the people we’re attracted to. It dates way back to when there was no language. For an extra check, look at her feet. Where are they pointing? If its towards you, you could be in luck. People subconsciously point their feet in the direction of whatever it is that interests them the most. It’s all about focus.


Hand Signals


Almost literally. Wondering is she flirting with me? Well wonder no more and check out what her hands are doing. Is she twirling her hair or touching her mouth? She’s most likely into you. However, if her hands are in her pockets, crossed beneath her arms, or hidden in any other way, you might not want to try that corny pickup line you’ve been practising… it probably won’t end well…

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