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The Cat String Theory – Make The Women Chase You!

Have you ever wanted something really badly? Like so badly it was all consuming, all you could think of, all you talked about? Didn’t that make getting – when you finally did get it – all that sweeter? And wasn’t the ultimate something that you’d been told you couldn’t or shouldn’t have? Man, when you got something like that, after waiting and waiting, it’s incredible.

The same goes with women. Make the women chase you, make them want you, make them think they can’t have you, and they’ll be even more excited when you finally let them get you.



Sounds Like A Trick

Well… sort of. You can’t force someone to like you, not really. But you can persuade them that they want you, and that can lead to more if you act in the right way about it. Once you’ve ensured that women chase you, you’ve got it made, you can have your pick. Humans want what they can’t have, and the less chance of getting it, the more they want it. Right? Getting it?


Playing Hard To Get?

Yes! You’ve got it! Making yourself unavailable makes you attractive. It’s how both men and women are wired. It’s why rock stars and films stars and, to be honest, reality TV stars are so loved – they can be adored from afar. Literally. But it’s not good being adored by affair, it’s not good having women chase you, if you don’t let them get close enough after a little while. Wait too long and they will have moved on (we all get over our crushes – where once a poster of Britney Spears adorned you wall, you’re not much more into Jennifer Lawrence. Or whoever. It doesn’t matter, you get the idea), don’t wait long enough and they’ll walk away anyway because you’ve given in too easily. Life is hard, and relationships are tricky. But you can do this!


Did You Say Cat String Theory? Really?

That’s what it’s called. Dangle a piece of string in front of a cat and, even if they weren’t paying any attention to you beforehand, even if, as is likely with cats, they were asleep, they’ll suddenly want that piece of string. Hide the string, and they’ll want it more – they’ll be searching for it. Sleep, food, tormenting the dog, it’s all forgotten. All they want is that piece of string. Wait just the right amount of time and when they finally get it they’ll play with it for hours.

Same theory goes for making women chase you. You’re the string, they’re the cat. Get their attention.


Okay… Tell Me How

The first step in making women chase you is to value yourself. No one is going to want to chase after someone who doesn’t think they’re worthy of being a prize. It all harks back to your good old self confidence and belief. It’s not something that everyone instinctively has, but it is something that everyone can learn.

Also, don’t suddenly remember you’re supposed to be using the cat string theory and throw it in there, confusing everyone in the process. If you’ve been showing her attention, giving her gifts, trying to get her to be interested in you, you’ve missed your chance. She knows how much you want her, and she’ll see through your ‘trick’. It’ll put her off, guaranteed. What you really need to do is use the ‘scarcity technique’ from the beginning, say within 5 minutes of meeting her. Talk to her, then, when she’s replying (if she’s replying), start playing with your phone, for example. Make her want to grab your attention and put it back on her. Make her chase you.


Umm… That’s Pretty Rude, Actually

Yes, it can be. We all know being rude gets us nowhere. So do it with a smile. Keep listening, but be distracted. Pick up enough of what she’s saying to be able to reply, but make sure she knows your life is not going to revolve around her. You’ve got other things to do, other places to be.

Talk for a while. Then walk away. Don’t ask for her number, don’t give her yours. Say thank you and goodbye. She will be confused – especially if she thought you had something between you – and want to know why you don’t want to see her again. She’ll be curious about you. She will, ta da, want you. And that’s how to make women chase you, and not the other way around.

You’ll lose some, but you’ll win more.

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