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Getting a girlfriend… it’s easier said than done, isn’t it? But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. With the right mindset, the right tools, and the right hints and tips (see below  -we’re helpful like that!) at your disposal, getting a girlfriend should go straight at the top of your to do list.


Love Your Alone Time


It may seem a bit backwards to be advocating taking some time for yourself but trust us, when it comes to getting a girlfriend, you need to love yourself first. An old cliché? Yes. The truth? Also yes. Spending time by yourself and enjoying it is the first step to being confident when spending time with others. Being self confident is sexy, don’t you know?


Look For Friendship


Another oldie but a goodie. Don’t set out on your quest to find a lover – set out to find a friend. A one night stand is fine (more than, obviously) but if you want a long term relationship you need to find someone you enjoy spending time with outside the bedroom as well as in it.


Be A Knight In Shining Armour


It’s not all about going to bars and clubs or searching online. Sometimes love can strike in the strangest places and situations. If you spot a woman who needs some help, whether it’s carrying heavy shopping, starting up a car that’s broken down, paying for coffee when you’re in the queue together because she looks like she could do with a break… These can be surprising ways of getting a girlfriend. The key is not to expect anything in return. Being kind is its own rewards etc etc, but you never know; this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. And it’s a great story to tell the kids too.


Keep Trying


When you see a girl you like the look of, go and speak to her. Ask her out. If she says yes, you could be on your way to getting a girlfriend. If she says no, try again with someone else. Keep trying. Keep trying until someone says yes. It’s a numbers game, and sooner or later something will happen. It doesn’t matter where you are: the library, supermarket, in the park for a walk, at the pub… the setting doesn’t matter, the fact that you’re trying does.


Stop Making Excuses


If you want to be successful when it comes to getting a girlfriend you need to stop making excuses for yourself about why you haven’t yet managed it. When you see a girl you’re attracted to, do you head over straight away? Or do you make excuses as to why she won’t want to go out with you? Do you tell yourself that she’s probably already seeing someone, that she’s not interested, that she will tell you to go away? If so, you’re making excuses. Stop it. Go and talk to her and you might be surprised.


Do Your Own Thing


Yes, you’re on the lookout for a girlfriend because you’re no longer happy being single, but that shouldn’t mean that this quest becomes your only activity. Go out and enjoy some hobbies. Not only will you learn some new skills and get out and about but you can meet some interesting people this way. They may not all be women to whom you’re attracted, but the more people you know the more chance there is that your network will grow and the bigger your network the more chance you have of getting a girlfriend.


Look Your Best


You may throw on some jogging bottoms and an old hoodie found on the bathroom floor to nip to the local shops, you may not bother to trim your beard, put on some deodorant, even have a shower… but what if you bump into the girl of your dreams while you’re out? It doesn’t bear thinking about. Best to keep yourself clean, tidy, and well-dressed at all times.

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