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interacting with women

When it comes to interacting with women, there are so many dos and don’ts out there that sometimes it almost seems too much bother. Almost. We never do give up, do we? We just keep going, hoping that the next time we’ll get it right… It’s disheartening, dispiriting, but we just can’t stop ourselves.



Well, When You Put It Like That


I know, it doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? More of a chore than anything else, like we’re expecting to keep butting our heads into a brick wall. But the thing is, once you know the secret to interacting with women, those brick walls come tumbling down, and then there’s nothing between you and the woman of your dreams at all. Now that sounds better!


Get Your Reaction Times Down


Life is all about strategy. Whether you’re at work, at home, or out on a date, without a suitable strategy you’re playing a losing game, especially if the person you’re playing with has it all worked out. Interacting with women can seem a little daunting, but if you think of it like just another part of life’s rich tapestry of strategies, you’ll go a lot further. Imagine a game of chess with both of you playing to win – just make sure that winner is you. How? By getting your reaction times down. Sounds weird, yes, but it works.


Doing What With The What


By ‘reaction time’ I mean how you react to what your date says or does when you’re together. See, she has a strategy too, and her next move is all dependent on yours. So by not reacting at all, or at least not reacting in the way she expects you to, you throw her off her game, at which point you can begin to lead with your own. And win.




Surprise, indeed! Even if it’s just a subconscious feeling, the woman you’re with will know you are looking to gain something from being with her. It could be sex, a relationship, status, or any number of other things, and she will play the game accordingly. If you don’t react the way she expects you to, not only will you suddenly become a much more interesting prospect, but you will also gain the upper hand. Put those two things together, and your ability to interact with women will lead you on to myriad successes with the opposite sex.


But How?


Good question. Because isn’t all reaction by its very nature an unconscious thing? The thing about reactions is that they are emotional, not rational. And so the way to confront, combat, and ultimately control your reactions is to understand when and why you become emotional, and then tame that feeling so that just the rational part of you remains. It will take practise. You don’t want to come off as cold and uncaring when you are interacting with women, you don’t want to seem blasé and a bit of a jerk. You need to confident in yourself and your own thoughts and feelings; it’s not our natural stance, and it does take work, but once you’ve got it, and you’ve mastered how to be non-reactive (at least to start with, at least until you’ve worked out the game she is playing), the world is your oyster.

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