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what to do on a first date

So, you’ve managed to get that hot girl to agree to go out with you. Now all you need to do is plan the date. The prospect of a first date is exciting but can also be daunting while you try to figure out the best options.


What To Do On A First Date…And What To Avoid…


Here are some of the common choices for what to do on a first date, and why they can make or break your chances of success with the girl that’s finally agreed to go out with you.


Going Out For A Meal


This is a common choice for a first date, but not the best. It’s fine if you both have loads to say to each other, but what happens if the conversation comes to a grinding halt? You’ll both be sat at the table with nothing but the sound of scraping cutlery on plates and chewing to fill the silence. Watching you eat on your first outing together could potentially put your date off, so it’s best saved for further down the line.


Watching A Film At The Cinema


Going to the cinema to watch a film is pretty pointless for a first date. You’ll sit in silence for two to three hours, and you’ll know no more about your date by the end of the evening than when you started. If you don’t form any kind of connection on the first date, you can’t expect it to go any further as you won’t have made any kind of impression, so it’s best to avoid the cinema if possible.


Meeting For Drinks


This is a much better choice for what to do on a first date. The atmosphere is much more relaxed and you won’t have to worry about the more formal feel of a restaurant. This option also gives you the chance to gain a bit of intimacy, as you’ll be able to touch her while you are talking, and therefore start to build your connection. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying you should be all over her in a darkened corner, but gentle touching can make a girl feel closer to you.

Hold her hand to help her get up from a low couch, touch her to emphasise a point, or put your hand on the small of her back to steady her while walking to the bar and this can make a girl feel like she’s being treated well without heavy expectations for it to go further. A bar is the perfect place for this level of touching as the atmosphere and proximity of other people means it can feel natural without putting her under any pressure. Just don’t overdo it!


Inviting Her To Your Place


This might come as a shock, but this can work well as a setting for your first date if played correctly. Ideally you’ll have laid the groundwork before suggesting your place, for example, by mentioning that you make a fantastic risotto or you’ve just signed up for Netflix and have been meaning to check out that new series. Once you get talking about cooking and / or TV, you can ask her to come over to try your culinary delights or watch the new show with you. Using an invite to your place as an extension of a conversation will seem natural and therefore won’t imply you expect any more than just her company.


Use Your Own Judgement


These are just some of the options you may consider when deciding what to do on a first date. It’s even better if you can link your date to somewhere that either of you have mentioned in your original conversation. Either way, by using these tips and your own judgement, you’re sure to make that first date a resounding success.

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